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04 Mar
Statement - Supplementary Information of HGC Global Communications Regarding Submarine Cable Damage in the Red Sea To Demonstrate Hong Kong as International Telecommunication Hub
  1. Seriousness of the Red Sea Incident:
    • Among 15+ submarine cables in the Red Sea, 4 of them (Seacom, TGN, AAE-1, EIG) are cut which we estimated impact 25% of traffic
    • Around 15% of Asia traffic goes west-bound, while 80% of those traffic will pass through these submarine cables in the Red Sea
  2. In light of this situation, HGC has already taken necessary measures to mitigate for our clients. We have successfully devised a comprehensive diversity plan to reroute affected traffic:
    • North-bound: departing from Hong Kong and routing through mainland China to Europe;
    • East-bound: departing from Hong Kong and routing through the United States to Europe;
    • West-bound: diversifying traffic within the rest of 11 submarine cables system in the Red Sea
  3. HGC always stands by and has long planned strategy in response to network cut incident. In our past experience in submarine cables cut after Taiwan Earthquake in 2006, majority of Hong Kong traffic were affected while HGC played a crucial role in diversifying the affected traffic in Hong Kong
  4. In addition to protecting our customers, HGC is also extending assistance to affected businesses. We have received inquiries from MENA (Middle East and North Africa regions) carriers, for contingency rerouting options from Hong Kong networks to West-bound
  5. Hong Kong remains as one of the important international telecommunication hub. In this incident, HGC further enhances Hong Kong position and participation in telecommunication services around the global