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Message from the CEO

The various gravitational forces changing the industry on an almost daily basis continue to shape the way HGC conducts business and connects with each other.

Increasing globalisation, personalisation and fragmentation are driving what has been dubbed the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which is fundamentally altering the way people live, work and relate to one another.

The advances in telecom technology are imminent - it takes robust, sophisticated, flexible infrastructure and business model to be successful.

With this in mind, HGC will continue to build and own infrastructure in Hong Kong, as its global base of operations, while expanding internationally. HGC regards Hong Kong as its No.1 hub and an excellent business environment, but HGC needs to scale up and establish more hubs around the world. This will involve replicating its Hong Kong-grown knowledge, business model and enterprise-grade thinking in parts of the world where it sees opportunity. Quite simply, HGC’s watchword moving forward is “expansion”.

HGC already runs a sizable operation in Hong Kong and 22 offices in five continents and benefit from the talents, skills and cultures of employees from more than 20 different national backgrounds. Without doubt, people form any organisation’s most valuable asset, and HGC intends for its employees to grow professionally every step of the way on this company’s growth journey.

Facing the prospect of even more exciting developments to come, HGC will continue investing in digital technologies to capture the opportunities ahead and ensure its customers benefit from all that today’s telecommunications can do for them.

HGC is well known for conquering challenges, capitalising on opportunities and boosting competitiveness among customers while contributing to the ongoing development of the industry – a tradition HGC intends to maintain, but it all comes back to a good team culture, where members are helping each other and watching our each other's shoulders as long as you fight as a team, we leave no one behind.

Our road into the future will not be flat or easy to negotiate, but I am supremely confident our journey will be successful, with co-operation and support from our customers, partners, investors and the wider HGC team.

“Without commitment, we cannot start, and without consistency, we will never finish.”


Chief Executive Officer

HGC Global Communications Limited