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HGC has joined hands with 14 local artists, to support local art creations, and encourage people to be bold in chasing their dreams.

The cat-themed 2022 calendar for charity, in hopes of inspiring more people to care for animals and respect life, net proceeds from sales will go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). From now on until 15 December 2021, pre-ordering HGC Charity Calendars at early bird discount HK$40, you can participate in [2022 Charity Calendar- Action for Charity & Win Grand Prize] quiz game! The winner may have a chance to win a Nintendo OLED Switch*.

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Hgc calendar 2022 website image Cythina 780x585 1


LittleJade is a Hong Kong-based illustrator, urban sketcher and art teacher. A drawing fanatic since childhood, she loves sharing her thoughts and feelings through her works. For the last 10 years, she has been teaching art to special needs students at NGOs, underlined by her belief that art brings people together – no matter their background, culture, nationality or language. She also founded Drawing Buddies Hong Kong, an urban art and drawing group, in 2020.

Facebook: Little Jade's art

Instagram: @little_jadecyn



Hgc calendar 2022 website image Cher 780x585 2


Driven by the pandemic to do the things she had always wanted to do but had yet to, Cher created the virtual character "Chewee" in 2020. She believes that the objective of her creation is achieved every time "Chewee" brings happiness to people and makes them smile.

Instagram: @cou1mei4

Hgc calendar 2022 website image Yat Chun 780x585 3

Yat Chun

As his greatest passion, art makes up a major part of Yat Chun's life. He finds urban sketching intriguing for the opportunities he gets to meet and befriend people by chatting and exchanging ideas. Although watercolour is his favourite medium, given its romantic and unique nature, he also enjoys using the ink pen, as seen in his drawings. Flowers are his main muse, as they have the ability to demonstrate multiple emotions and notions through tone and form. Ultimately, Yat Chun is dedicated to sharing happiness through his paintings and hopes that his viewers feel inner peace by observing them.

Instagram: @yatchun_studio


Hgc calendar 2022 website image 3crazycatss 780x585 4


3crazycatsss: “We need to earn the hard-earned cash of cat lovers to buy more canned food for stray cats.”

Facebook: 三貓黨

Instagram: @3crazycatsss

Hgc calendar 2022 website image Wing 780x585 5

Wing Yeung

An avid fan of painting since childhood, Hong Kong-born Wing Yeung moved to Singapore with his family and eventually returned years later. Initially influenced by local culture, he became enchanted by a variety of Asian and Western artistic styles growing up. After graduating from the First Institute of Art and Design, he went on to complete a 3-year Diploma in Graphic Design – joining exhibitions and winning prizes along the way. Eventually, he worked as a graphic illustrator in HK-TVB Limited and furthered his studies in Hong Kong Polytechnic University before becoming the creative director of an international exhibiting institution. Today, his works can be seen on TV, movies, advertisements, major international exhibitions and magazines. Besides lecturing in the Hong Kong School of Design, Hong Kong Communication Art Centre and Hong Kong Productivity Council, he has published “Bruce Lee Still Alive” (illustration book), “Bruce Comes True” (comics) and “Diary inside the Array (陣中日記)” (webcomics). Having dabbled in different fields for many years, he hopes to use his diverse skillsets to celebrate life.

Facebook: Art Wing Young

Instagram: @artwingyoung


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Sam Chin 780x585 6

Sam Chin

Having read many inspirational comics as a child, Hong Kong illustrator Sam Chin believes in dreams coming true through hard work and persistence – just like they did for the main characters in the comics. Today, he continues to practice and pursue consistent improvement, in achieving his goal to become a painter. Ultimately, he hopes to become a comic artist and bring people into new realms by encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Instagram: @saam_man_gai


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Jonas 780x585 7


Make-up artist Jonas specialises in large-scale oil portraits. Her works are unique in style, combining Fauvist colours and expressionist brushwork. Besides being shortlisted at the Art Next Expo in Hong Kong, Artsdot in Sweden and Artexpo New York in the US, her paintings have also won the coveted Biafarin Prize, among many other international awards. Her art reviews have been published in Canadian and Italian contemporary art magazines, and her first picture book "Touching a Dream" was published last year.

Facebook: Jonas Ng

Instagram: @jonasngart


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Alice 780x585 8

Mo Shan Po Alice

Born in Hong Kong, Mo Shan Po Alice started Chinese painting lessons in 1997, focusing on landscapes, flowers and birds. Today, as a Chinese painting tutor herself, she uses traditional brushes and ink to combine Chinese and Western elements in her art. She believes that art should reflect the times in which we live.

Facebook: Artist Alice's backyard 愛麗斯的後花園

Instagram: @artist_moshanpo

Hgc calendar 2022 website image Duck 780x585 9

Duck Tam

Self-professed "Kong Girl" and "Jack of all trades, master of none" Duck Tam loves life and food. She especially loves to draw shop cats. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, painting, crafting, embroidery and sewing to relieve stress. She also often participates in activities held by urban sketching groups, such as Wahayeah Sketch Group, Urban Sketchers Hong Kong and Wanchai "Fast" Sketchers.

Instagram: @duck_playground


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Ng Ka Yu 780x585 10

Ka-Yu Ng

Ka-Yu Ng is a painter based in Hong Kong. Inspired by Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan elements, her works are characterised by fine lines and details. Ng also owns 5+2's Studio, an underground music venue on the peaceful island of Peng Chau. She hopes to showcase a whole new side to local arts and culture beyond "dim sum" or "kung fu".

Facebook: 5+2's studio

Instagram: @5ka2studio

Hgc calendar 2022 website image Chrissy 780x585 11


A fan of #watercolourparrot, Chrissy has always loved animals and graphic design. Although she obtained a higher diploma in interior design to build on her artistic talent, her love of animals drives her passion. She is constantly inspired by her pets – a cat, a parrot and a previously-abandoned tortoise – that all get along peacefully and even go out for walks together. By giving them constant care and love, Chrissy hopes to break the barriers between different animal species. Through her cute pet drawings, she also aims to bring happiness through her art and make people smile while helping people understand how to be kind and get along with animals.

Facebook: Chrissy Wong Art Studio

Instagram: @chrissywong_art

Hgc calendar 2022 website image Grace 780x585 12


Elaine is an artist and illustrator who specialises in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and digital painting. She works on commissioned projects featuring botanical and ecological illustrations, and enjoys urban sketching. Her art has been exhibited and sold across a number of galleries and cultural spaces in Hong Kong. Elaine is also a part-time tertiary lecturer in art and design.

Instagram: @elainelikesjazz


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Grace 780x585 13


Sally learned oil painting before becoming a self-taught watercolourist. She is passionate about painting animals (particularly cats) and florals in a simple and lighthearted style. She hopes to illustrate the world's various types of cats and has held 3 cat-themed painting exhibitions to date. She also enjoys dabbling in non-commercial projects – her latest one being a combination of two of her favourite things, 'Cat and Rose'. Under this series, she hopes to complete and eventually exhibit 60 individual watercolour sketches featuring real pets from all over the world, as part of her goal to organise more exhibitions in the future.

Instagram: @sallymeowart


Hgc calendar 2022 website image Grace 780x585 14


As a child, Grace loved to paint and create art, driven by her interest in the novel and unconventional. Through observation and practice, she taught herself how to use different tools and methods of creation. In the early days, she painted animals and Mother Nature in ink, eventually moving into computer graphics. Besides striking a chord in viewers to bring people happiness and draw them closer together, she also hopes to help those in need. In 2020, she led a volunteer team as a designer in the Lei Yue Mun Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project (Mural Art Village).

Instagram: @grace_faifai