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Hgc Commitment To Our Staff Hgc Commitment To Our Staff Mobile

Strengthening Our Staff

Caring for our employees

Our people amount to our most precious asset, which is why HGC management listens to staff concerns and goes to lengths to facilitate physical and mental well-being among employees, while encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Equipping staff

HGC employs a variety of modern learning aids to facilitate personal development among staff members of all ages. Materials made available include videos, a range of courses, books and audio-based content from world-class tutors. We make sure our employees have access to all the knowledge they need to complete courses and obtain accreditations.

Team bonding

We work hard, we play hard! Getting colleagues involved together in activities outside the office generates a sense of teamwork and is good for morale. HGC likes to organise team-building sessions because they facilitate collaboration and closer relationships, which impact positively on exploring synergies and achieving greater efficiency. We often like to throw parties to celebrate festivals and encourage colleagues to demonstrate any flair they may have for music, dancing, acting or other artistic pursuit.

Challenging ourselves

HGC staff members are well known for taking part in Hong Kong’s gruelling Oxfam Trailwalker event along the 100km MacLehose Trail – all in a spirit of adventure and to raise funds for charity. Our people enjoy a healthy sense of camaraderie when they rise to a challenge together. In fact, they strive to push themselves beyond possibilities whenever the opportunity presents itself.

HGC Marathon 01

HGC Spirit: Fearless Pursuit of Challenges

HGCers took on the challenge of the 25th Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon with the HGC spirit of being proactive and taking on challenges. 70 runners participated with full dedication, cheered on by a supportive squad, embodying our Core Value of Togetherness.

HGC also utilized our self-developed powerful AI system to combine sports and charity, raising funds for the local charity organization "The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children". Our vision of helping people establish a better life in an intelligent environment is put into action.


HGC celebrated Bring Your Kids to Work Day on 16 Aug. Kids visited our headquarters at Tsing Yi. They have spent a lovely afternoon watching movies, doing handicrafts, and enjoying snacks! Thanks to our staff for the support as their kids are involved in donating to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation!


Christmas party and decoration contest to celebrate festive season

HGC staff celebrated the 2018 festive season with a fabulous office Christmas party on 21 December.

Once again they savoured the combination of tasty snacks, musical performances and the chance to relax together at the end of a busy year.

A highlight was the annual Christmas Workplace Decoration Contest, where staff showed off their creativity with their workplace displays.

It was a warm and joyful event much appreciated by local and international colleagues.


Celebrating Halloween in ghoulish style

HGC staff celebrated Halloween in style this year with a hair-raising costume party.

They decorated the office with jack o' lanterns and pumpkins and whipped up a ghoulish feast of Halloween snacks - finger-shaped biscuits, ghost cakes and mini-pizzas with fake spider toppings.

Staff also showed off their creativity with some fabulous costumes, combining Chinese ghost stories with traditional Halloween themes. There was plenty of monster makeup, surgical stitches, fake blood and witches hats to be seen.

Mid Autumn

Mooncakes, gifts and lucky draw: HGC's Mid-Autumn celebration

HGC organised a Mid-Autumn Festival Fair on 4 September, with gift packages, a lucky draw and of course many, many mooncakes. Our staff had a blast!

We wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival as well!

Hgc Oxfam Trailwalker

HGC staff members take on the OxfamTrailwalker 2018 challenge to raise funds for charity

HGC staff members are well known for taking part in Hong Kong’s gruelling Oxfam Trailwalker event along the 100km MacLehose Trail – all in a spirit of adventure and to raise funds for charity.