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The HGC Group's Update on COVID- 19 Response Initiatives

We are all feeling it - the impact of COVID-19, from personal to global. In this incredibly difficult time, as well as the usual challenges of managing a growing business, HGC has been trying to navigate the impact of the coronavirus.

At HGC, we fully understand that telecommunication is a crucial service that allows people stay connected with families, friends and to work effectively from home. Here, I am delighted to share with you that our telecommunications services and network quality meet the highest of standards during this period. We believe today’s telecommunications operators should take one step further to exert our effort to contribute to society although it is just a drop in the ocean. Here we would like to share with you some of the steps we have taken.

Managing Our Operations & Supporting Our Customers

The internet data surge due to isolation and social distancing instruction are being enforced, HGC sees a double digit increase in bandwidth consumption. Prior to this, we had increased our backbone capacity, network resilience and reliability to support usage requirements. HGC is also well-prepared for the long-term after securing critical components as part of our supply chain management and planning. We have spontaneously created special teams to provide instant support to customers, including maintenance and installation.

Support for Staff at the HGC Group

The HGC Group has taken multiple actions to provide its teams with enhanced resources and support amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from being the first telecom operator in Hong Kong to announce flexible work-from-home arrangements, HGC introduced other measures, such as applying regular deep cleanings and sanitization across offices and data centres, activating remote monitoring across impacted offices through implementation of home-office IT-systems, and delegating more authority to in-country staff (23 overseas offices in place) to facilitate emergency support. We have also arranged hotels within walking distance of operation centres to help essential service supporting teams perform their important duties. Additionally, we have offered all staff (around 2,000) with four months’ supply of medical masks.

Giving Back

HGC has offered meaningful assistance to the community by being the first telecom operator in Hong Kong to distribute free medical masks to the public. This includes the onsite delivery of masks to elderly citizens living alone and distribution of free refurbished computers to schools and students so to support e-learning. We have delivered free unified communications and cloud connect services offer to corporate customers to deal with extreme urgencies. In response to the development of the COVID-19 outbreak, HGC, as a full-fledged fixed-line telecom operator & ICT solution provider, will continue to evaluate the impacts on our operations and to take additional measures. HGC has been well aware that online business and software-based services have become significant alternatives for customers and has been reinforcing our services to cater for the changes in demand – just as our B2C one-stop-shop platform HGCmore now offers a comprehensive selection of anti-epidemic supplies, bringing convenience to customers during the COVID-19 period.

The epidemic will not last, but it will have long-lasting effects on the global economy. HGC will continue to do its utmost to support customers and staff; while in response to changes in human activity patterns, the company will do its utmost to cooperate and prepare for the future.

Coming through the challenges and opportunities, we are fortunate to have your support as always. Let’s stand by each other and we will get through this together.

Chief Executive Officer
HGC Global Communications Limited