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Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing policy applicable to all employees and all parties dealing with the Group

HGC has established a confidential channel for all parties dealing with HGC e.g. suppliers, vendors, customers, contractors, sales agents and the general public to raise concerns in relation to fraudulent acts, unethical acts (e.g. corruption or bribery) or actual or potential non-compliances with laws and/or HGC’s policies without fear of victimization, discrimination or disadvantage for having done so.

After a complaint is filed, dedicated compliance officers will investigate the case by an internal or external party, as may be required, while protecting the whistle-blower from reprisal. Whistle-blower can raise his/her complaint(s) anonymously by email:

Whistle-blower should provide case specific information so that investigations can be conducted effectively. Provision of contact details of the whistle-blower is not compulsory but is appreciated so that he/she can be contacted for further information. Such details will be kept in the strictest confidence and anonymous reports will only be considered as far as practicable.

HGC will not divulge the identity of the whistle-blower unless it is required by the relevant regulatory or enforcement authority. Any person making a genuine and appropriate complaint through this channel will be assured of fair treatment. HGC reserves the right to take appropriate action against anyone who initiates or threatens to initiate retaliation against those who have made such complaint. However, malicious allegations or those made for personal gain could give rise to legal action on the part of the person complained about.