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20 Jan
HGC announces strategic expansion to extend ICT capabilities in Asia with Singapore upgraded as major Asian hub

Introducing Trio-service suite to provide solid global connectivity, one-stop ICT solutions and local support for business needs

Hong Kong, 20 January 2021 – HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) today announced the strategic expansion of the Group’s ICT capabilities in Asia with Singapore upgraded as major Asian hub and the introduction of our new Trio-service suite, composed of network connectivity, ICT solutions and local professional support. The vertical expansion leverages HGC’s solid global network infrastructure and market presence, offering customised one-stop ICT solutions to help corporates with business diversification and expansion in Asia.

With over 20 years of business and operational experiences in the 15 countries under recently-concluded Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), HGC will fully utilise its synergies and advantages to enable corporate customers to explore the benefits brought by the enormous alliance, which represents roughly 30 percent of the world’s GDP and population1.

Trio-service suite: network connectivity, ICT solutions and local professional support

1. Well-established connectivity and IDC network in Singapore

In addition to the extensive network in Southeast Asia as well as 23 offices around the globe, including several hubs in major Asian cities, HGC also collaborates with major data centre clusters, enabling the provision of enhanced connectivity solutions for corporates to set up, expand or reinforce their business in the region. In addition to the 3 major PoPs connection with data centres, HGC recently expanded bandwidth-on-demand capability from Hong Kong to BDx’s Data Centre at Paya Lebar, Singapore, offering customers a fast-track highway for streamlined regional business expansion.

2. Enhanced ICT capabilities supported by Macroview Telecom

HGC has acquired Macroview Telecom (Macroview), a Hong Kong-based IT infrastructure and digital technology solutions provider, in 2019. This strategic expansion plan makes use of Macroview’s digital solutions and the deep sector knowledge of more than 700 ICT professionals as well as the strong base of long-term collaboration with global technology partners to bring ICT solutions such as managed cloud services, adaptive cybersecurity architecture, smart solution with management platform and more to the market.

a. Managed cloud solutions provide comprehensive data protection to ensure secured data backup and recovery for multiple platforms, disaster recovery and to fulfil requirements of local legal bodies

b. Adaptive cybersecurity service enables companies to monitor, minimize and protect themselves from potential cyber threats in a cost-effective manner via regular consultations, security audits, assessments and security awareness training

c. Smart solution offers specific IoT solutions for various sectors and workplaces to digitalise and streamline the operations. A centralised management platform with AI functionality for multiple digital device enables effective monitoring, alerting, reporting and analysis features

3. New appointment and office expansion to uplift local support and fulfilment

HGC has appointed Wong Hung as the Vice President (ICT Solutions & Partnership) to lead the expanded team in regional offices formed by professionals equipped with strong knowledge of local practices and culture to achieve local fulfilment and accelerate business transformation for companies in search of successful business growth in the region. With over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry as well as a proven record in Singapore and Asian business, Hung will work at HGC’s Singapore office, the hub in the region, and bring in his in-depth knowledge and experience to reiterate the group’s commitment in the expansion plan.

Ravindran Mahalingam, HGC’s SVP of International Business, said, "With the new business model and operational trend in the current era, many companies are seeking opportunities to expand their business to Asia countries. Under our expansion plan we will work hand-in-hand with local operators; together with our full-fledged ICT capabilities and continuous in-country infrastructure-based projects we will synergise and maximize business opportunities. HGC will continue to fortify Hong Kong as the base for our core business while replicating our local success abroad and reinforcing our position as a leading operator in Asia."

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