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09 Sep
Dell Technologies, HGC, SmarTone and VMware to Deliver the Power of 5G to the Hong Kong Community

Companies to promote enterprise-grade 5G technology applications across diverse industries

Hong Kong – September 9, 2020

News summary

  • Dell Technologies, HGC, SmarTone and VMware join forces to unlock the true power of 5G technologies in creating new opportunities for a greater number of connections using bandwidth-intensive, low latency applications in Hong Kong.
  • 5G ecosystem with private campus network that is designed to provide local industries and businesses with the most comprehensive enterprise-grade 5G infrastructure solutions, enabling the Hong Kong community to experience the impact and power of 5G innovations, while stimulating 5G and smart city development.

Full story

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), HGC Global Communications (HGC), SmarTone and VMware announced Hong Kong’s first locally-developed 5G initiative, for deployment and application of enterprise-grade emerging 5G technologies among businesses of all types and sizes across a variety of industries. The companies aim to foster cross-industry collaboration in Hong Kong and are well positioned to address the pain points of different enterprises. They are also planning to launch a 5G technology lab in the second half of this year to further navigate and accelerate Hong Kong’s 5G journey.

The companies’ goals are to co-create an ecosystem in Hong Kong with a 5G private campus network that will provide local enterprises and organizations with the most comprehensive 5G enterprise-grade solutions and services, assisting them to transform their businesses and reap the tremendous benefits and opportunities in the 5G era. The 5G private campus network in Hong Kong, running on an extensive optical-fiber network, offers a one-stop solution for enterprises with high bandwidth, ultra-fast speed and ultra-low latency mobile infrastructure, enabling them to monitor and control real-time Internet of Things (IoT) applications. By integrating 5G with mobile edge computing in a private campus network, enterprises can also deploy IoT applications and enable data sharing through 5G connectivity.

An ecosystem driving 5G development and innovative applications

The initiative constitutes a rich ecosystem to support industries and businesses in the deployment and development of 5G technologies with reference use cases across retail, construction, education and healthcare.

Combining the expertise of the four companies with solid fiber-based network infrastructure will assist organizations in Hong Kong to simplify IT operations. Together, these optimize 5G mobile coverage and versatility to best utilize the extraordinary capabilities of 5G technologies.

The combined set of solutions from the respective companies will enable local application developers, technology startups and enterprises with an application development environment that supports edge computing platforms, AI APIs, IoT hardware and software.

This will not only foster the ecosystem but also nurture a wide range of innovative applications. With those applications and the experience gained, a huge data lake in Hong Kong from different sectors will be established and maintained, which can be further utilized by different industries for the next step of innovation including big data analytics, business insight creation, machine learning for better performance of newly-developed AI algorithms, and more.

“5G opens a broad new frontier for businesses and consumers with the power and connectivity of rich mobile services and various broadband options, bringing positive impacts to industries and enterprises, expanding and improving economic activities and enriching our daily lives. With the strong expertise and technological know-how of industry-leading telecom and technology companies – HGC, SmarTone and VMware – we are well positioned to offer enterprise-grade 5G solutions that are the best fit for customers in Hong Kong. I believe our collaborative efforts and synergy will enhance and stimulate the development of 5G in Hong Kong,” said Danny Tam, Vice President, Hong Kong Sales and China Global Account Sales, Dell Technologies.

“HGC is excited to be working with other industry-leading companies to play a significant role to serve the public and private sectors in meeting business challenges with comprehensive 5G solutions. Leveraging on HGC’s solid and sizeable local network infrastructure and rich base of local corporate, enterprise and consumer customers, as well as a comprehensive suite of ICT solutions supported by Macroview Telecom, our subsidiary company, we are confident in delivering one-stop, customer-centric and sophisticated digital and 5G solutions to customers and assisting them to harness the power of 5G in the new era of digital transformation,” said Joe Cheong, COO, Corporate Business & Enterprise Market, HGC.

“SmarTone successfully launched its widest coverage 5G network with the industry-leading Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology in May this year. 5G unleashes limitless opportunities for enterprises with its ultra-high speed, low latency and massive connectivity. 5G private networks can act as a springboard for organizations to capitalize on 5G for digital transformation with security and privacy, control and flexibility, backed by SmarTone’s powerful 5G network. It can also be tailored for business or industry needs, creating new opportunities that improve operational efficiency and experiences for organizations,” said Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone.

“Companies in Hong Kong need to transform their IT systems rapidly to be 5G-ready and create new opportunities in the cloud economy. VMware has over twenty years’ experience in helping companies achieve success with digital transformation, and we are ready to help in the 5G era. The VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program has been relied upon by more than 100 telecom operators worldwide to deliver premier services to 800 million subscribers daily. VMware is happy to work together with other industry leaders in Hong Kong, to empower companies to maximize the benefits of 5G,” said Franco Lan, General Manager of VMware Hong Kong and Macau.

5G is an advanced mobile technology platform which can help industries transform by leveraging on many other technologies including computing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, Internet-of-Things devices, machine learning and domain knowledge in vertical sectors, among others. In view of the importance of cross-sector collaboration in facilitating creative, successful and commercially valuable 5G applications, the alliance aims to foster cross-industry collaboration on 5G applications for all enterprise sectors.

As a foundation of the ecosystem, these companies will continue to build on their strong network with local businesses and industries, and are exploring opportunities to garner industry participation and accelerate the development of the ultimate 5G journey in Hong Kong.

(From Left to Right: Joe Cheong, COO, Corporate Business & Enterprise Market, HGC, Danny Tam, Vice President, Hong Kong Sales and China Global Account Sales, Dell Technologies, Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone and Franco Lan, General Manager of VMware Hong Kong and Macau)
(From Left to Right: Joe Cheong, COO, Corporate Business & Enterprise Market, HGC, Danny Tam, Vice President, Hong Kong Sales and China Global Account Sales, Dell Technologies, Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone and Franco Lan, General Manager of VMware Hong Kong and Macau)

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