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Press Release

HGC’s the First ’Beyond Possibilities’ Mini-movie Accumulates More Than 1.8 Million Views Three new mini-movies to be launched

(Hong Kong, 12 July 2018) - HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a full-fledged fixed-line operator with extensive local and international network coverage and infrastructure, last month launched its first mini-movie on social platforms to promote the brand's concept of "Beyond Possibilities". The mini-movie was inspired by a real-life story and was narrated by popular artist Kelly Chen. It emphasized that there were always “Beyond Possibilities” for children’s growth and has achieved an encouraging response.

HGC is pleased to announce that the mini-movie has attracted more than 1.8 million views* on social media and has become an instant hit among netizens. The authentic storyline strongly resonated with people from all walks of life. The mini-movie has not only demonstrated that HGC's brand spirit has gained widespread support and recognition, but has also inspired the public by showing that there are “Beyond Possibilities” in everything.

In the meantime, the “DreamStarter” Fair mentioned in the first video was held at the Baptist Rainbow Primary School on June 22. Mr. Andrew Kwok, Chief Executive Officer of HGC, Mr. Chu Tsz Wing, the Principal, representatives of DreamStarter and Adam Wong, director of the video, were invited to witness students’ achievements. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Kwok said, “Children's growth and happiness should not be fixed in a narrow framework based on our past experiences. This is especially important for them in the era of rapid change. The ’DreamStarter’ programme provides students with a platform to pursue their dreams, while the mini-movie successfully conveys the idea behind the concept and ’Beyond Possibilities’, the HGC brand message to society. HGC believes telecommunications services not only provide communication channels, but also bring people closer and connect better with society. We will continue exploring opportunities for collaboration with all sectors to discover new ways for young people to grow and achieve their potential.”

*Views are accumulated from online social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

New mini-movie will be launched on HGC’s online social platforms

To further promote the brand spirit of HGC, a new mini-movie about HGC Broadband, the home broadband service offered by HGC, will be launched today (12 July) at 7pm. It tells the story of Eric Leung, a young adult who is full of enthusiasm for music. He has enjoyed playing drums since childhood, but does not have his own drum kit. He has used his creativity to turn cookie cans, textbooks, pillows into "private drums” and uploaded his drumming videos to online platforms. He has unexpectedly become a hot topic in town, with netizens discussing and sharing his videos, and significantly demonstrating that the network helps achieving "Beyond Possibilities" and making dreams come true.

The other two mini-movies will be launched later in July and August. HGC hopes to continue interpreting the brand's concept of "Beyond Possibilities" through further sincere and touching stories of Hong Kong people, and to boost positive energy in the community.

HGC Broadband x Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong – the “Music Tour” has ended successfully

Apart from promoting the development of information technology, HGC has also been devoted promoting music, assisting Hong Kong people who are passionate about music to achieve their dreams. In early May, HGC and Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong hosted a music contest on online social platforms, naming three winners to join popular Sony Music artists Eman Lam, Jason Chan, Phil Lam,

Mischa Ip, and Lil’ Ashes on a musical trip to Stockholm, Sweden. By providing budding artists with opportunities to travel and exchange music with popular Hong Kong musicians, HGC aims to inspire them by showing that ’Beyond Possibilities’ and dreams are always achievable. For further music tour highlights, videos will also be shared on HGC's online social platforms soon.

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HGC’s the First ’Beyond Possibilities’ Mini-movie Accumulates More Than 1.8 Million Views Three new mini-movies to be launched