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Press Release

HGC to sponsor community projects for “Another Possibility”

(Hong Kong, 26 March 2018) - HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”). HGC strives to achieve the corporate mission: “Embrace technology. Enjoy communications. Enrich your world.” Apart from continuously promoting the development of information technology, HGC is also actively involved in charities. HGC proudly sponsors, on behalf of all staff members in HGC, community projects to provide support for students and teenagers with financial difficulties and help them better integrate into the society in the future with “Another Possibility”.

The charitable act coincides with the first anniversary staff event after the establishment of new HGC since early October last year. HGC is proud that the staff members, while actively participating in the event, also make charitable contribution to the community and fulfil the above vision in all levels of the society. To this end, HGC takes this opportunity to donate, on behalf of all staff members, part of the funds for the staff event towards two community projects respectively coordinated by “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” and “Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Difficulties “, in order to support students and young people to grasp opportunities, explore different possibilities in life and at the same time help them make good use of their strengths.

Mr. Andrew Kwok, Chief Executive Officer of HGC, said “There are many talented young people in the society and their potential is often not fully utilised due to insufficient support. HGC takes this great opportunity to sponsor community projects on behalf of all the staff members so that the younger generation can get more resources to discover “Another Possibility” in their life and make good use of their strengths.”

“Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” provides free learning support to the under-privileged children who have financial difficulties. HGC sponsors the “Grassroots Student Emergency Tutorial Support Program” coordinated by “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, which provides one-to-one free tutorial support for students who have not been able to be paired with suitable volunteer tutors. Chan Hung (Principal Chan), founder of “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World” said “The donation from HGC, would help students having urgent needs for tutoring due to public exams or other special reasons and reduce the delay in their learning progress”.

On the other hand, “Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities” (HKASLD) agglomerate parents of children diagnosed with specific learning disabilities (SLD), striving for effective study strategies and proper supports for SLD children. The sponsored fund from HGC will be dedicated towards the HKASLD’s operating funds for upgrading both computer hardware and software of HKASLD, thereby improving the ancillary facilities for SLD children. Mr. Kwok Sing Nam, Chairperson of Executive Committee of HKASLD, said “We are very pleased to see the support by HGC. This enables us to expand our service to more families in need, while at the same time promotes the understanding and acceptance of SLD children by the public.”

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HGC to sponsor community projects for “Another Possibility”