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Press Release

HGC launches “Contract Free Offer” for business broadband and voice

(Hong Kong, 19 September 2018) - As a full-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider, HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is committed to delivering advanced telecommunications solutions, as well as trend-leading service plans and promotional offers to customers. HGC is pleased to launch its “Contract Free Offer” for business broadband and voice services starting tomorrow (20 September), allowing corporate customers to break free from their contracts!

The Unconventional “Contract Free Offer”

With its customer-centric philosophy, HGC is always attentive to the different needs of corporate customers. Besides ensuring service quality, HGC also aims to attract more customers by introducing innovative promotional offers and service plans. With the increasing need for versatility in corporate telecommunication services, the standard contract-based plans are unlikely to be able to meet all customer requirements. Thus HGC is launching a new offer with the following key features that will better suit their needs:

  • No contract
  • No advance payment
  • No standard installation charge

The offer breaks the industry norm of offering fixed-term service plans to the corporate telecommunications market. HGC is confident that customers will be satisfied with the quality of HGC network and services.

3 additional offers enable customers to choose what they want

In addition, HGC is also introducing three other promotional offers - “Quality Assurance”, “Half Price” and “Bandwidth Upgrade”. Together with the “Contract Free Offer”, corporate customers can choose one of the four offers that best suits their business needs. The offer also echoes the HGC brand belief ”Beyond Possibilities”.

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HGC launches “Contract Free Offer” for business broadband and voice