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Press Release

HGC and Anam join forces to deploy SMS Firewall to safeguard Vietnamobile A2P security

(Hong Kong, 7 May 2018) – HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a leading fixed-line operator, IT service provider and carrier’s carrier, is pleased to announce a partnership with Anam Technologies Limited (Anam), a fast growing independent SMS Firewall vendor, to be the SMS Firewall provider and the exclusive international SMS A2P gateway for Vietnamobile, one of the largest Vietnamese mobile network operators and a member of the HGC networks. The collaboration paves the way for MNOs in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) to effectively reduce SMS threats, monitor SMS traffic delivery, ease operational costs and enrich customer experience.

MNOs globally face revenue leakage estimated at more than US$15 billion annually from Grey Route A2P traffic. By securing the network, HGC’s customised SMS Firewall solutions will improve Vietnamobile’s customer satisfaction through reduced exposure to spam and fraud attacks. The HGC A2P SMS Platform empowers Vietnamobile to effectively manage the international A2P SMS ecosystem by providing SMS filtering and spamming controls, including grey routes blocking to block security threats. The solutions can identify legitimate traffic that can be fully monetised, protecting MNOs from revenue leakage while protecting their brand.

The advancement of HGC as a reliable service provider and its knowledge of the A2P aggregator community are central to the partnership with Anam. Being a global A2P hub, HGC enables connections between OTTs and enterprises to deliver high quality A2P SMS via a fast and convenient platform. Riding on HGC’s existing IPX and global MNOs network, the joint initiative is backed by a secured SMS infrastructure without requiring extensive investment.

HGC has been a pioneer in the expansion and improvement of connectivity in the niche markets, especially the rapid growing GMS. Ravindran Mahalingam, Senior Vice President for HGC’s International Business, said: “The A2P opportunity for MNOs is best addressed by a combination of filtering, reporting and analytics that feed into insightful business level decision-making. We are confident that, with HGC’s experience in the GMS, and as a robust global A2P Hub that leverages its international network of MNOs, our partnership with Anam will enable MNOs to deliver high quality SMS to mobile users, and as a result bring new value to our customers.

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HGC and Anam join forces to deploy SMS Firewall to safeguard Vietnamobile A2P security