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10 Feb
HGC distributes 50,000 surgical masks to Hong Kong citizens

Hong Kong, 10 February 2020 – Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, the supply of surgical masks is tight and their price has soared. HGC thus announced that 50,000 surgical masks will be distributed to Hong Kong citizens for free, with the first batch distributed today (10 February).

This follow by the HGC Group management and staff to cancel the Group’s annual employee event, involving of more than 2,000 staff members and to allocate all the funds instead to support initiatives to counter the epidemic. HGC has successfully purchased a number of masks which has already arrived in Hong Kong, to be distributed to employees and their families, with 50,000 masks to be distributed to the public across different districts by HGC staff volunteers. In addition, HGC has partnered with The Against Elderly Abuse of Hong Kong, where a portion of the masks will be reserved and distributed to elderly living alone who were unable to purchase anti-epidemic supplies due to the lack of internet access and inconveniences.

HGC CEO Andrew Kwok said: “We cancelled a series of Group annual event including the annual dinner, gifts and lucky draw etc. Instead, we make use of the funds to fight against epidemic together with our employees and citizens. At this stage, we will distribute 50,000 surgical masks and are currently exploring more measures in the meantime. Although it is just a drop in the ocean, we exert our effort to contribute to society. In this difficult period, we wish Hong Kong a better future.”

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